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Roger Federer's Girlfriend - Miroslava 'Mirka' Vavrinec

Roger Federer met his long-time girlfriend, Mirka Vavrinec, at Syndey 2000 Olympics, when they both were representing Switzerland. And ever since then, they are inseparable.

Some interesting trivia:
  • Mirka Vavrinec was born in Slovakia.
  • She emigrated as a 2 years old.
  • Mirka is three years older than Roger.
  • Her highest WTA singles ranking is 76 (on Sep '01).
  • Navratilova introduced Mirka to tennis when she was nine.
  • Her parents own a Jewellery and live in Schaffhausen.
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Thanks to getty images and several MTF'ers.

Interesting News Burb:
In 1987, when Mirka was nine, her father took her to watch a tournament at Filderstadt in Germany. The event coincided with Navratilova's birthday, and Mirka's father, a huge fan, managed to hand her a present. He had his daughter by his side and Navratilova asked the youngster if she played tennis. No, she'd never tried it. Navratilova said she looked athletic and ought to give it a whirl.

There the exchange might have ended had it not been for Navratilova's immense generosity of spirit. When she discovered that the Vavrinecs - who originally came from Slovakia - lived in Zurich, she phoned a friend there and arranged Mirka's first tennis lesson. Later, she sent one of her rackets from America for Mirka to use. And her instincts proved remarkably astute. By 2000, Mirka was in the top 100 players in the world and in Switzerland's team for the Sydney Olympics. It was there that she met Federer.

A year later, Mirka was forced to retire because of a persistent foot injury, but Federer enjoys the story of her introduction to tennis. He likes the idea that it was Navratilova who, in a way, brought them together.
Source: Independent Article

More: Pics of Federer and Mirka together.
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