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Roger Federer vs. Rod Laver

Laver and Federer were both born in August 43 years apart. Federer's birthday is August 08, 1981, while Laver's is August 09, 1938. It makes comparing them straightforward as the grand slams make up this way too. For example, Federer won his second Wimbledon in 2004 at the age of 22, while Laver won his first Wimbledon 1961, at the same age of 22. And so on.. get the drift?


US Openr128-ar16QFFFWFWFWWr16Wr16-r16r32-r16--5
RF/RL age17181920212223242526272829303132333435363738
US Openq23r4r4r4rWWWWWFSFSF

Green shaded boxes represent Rod Laver playing in Pre-open Era amateur division. Blue boxes represent Rod Laver playing in Pre-open Era under Pro division, whose 3 Grand slam equivalents were French Pro, Wembley and US Pro. These divisions were eliminated in 1968 French Open with the beginning of the Open Era, represented in White boxes, however "contract" professionals were banned for several grand slams (shown in light blue boxes) due to conflicts between NTL, WCT and ITLF till 'true' Open Era started in 1972 US Open with the formation of ATP.

Note: RF/RR age is the age of both Roger Federer and Rod Laver when the tennis season starts (Jan 1). By the time they play US Open, they would have had their birthday and older by one year. (Like Federer won his first US Open at age 23, though he was 22 when the tennis season started).

Note2: Laver served at Australian Army in 1957 as indicated by 'a' for the last three slams of the season.

Data by Wikipedia, ITF & ATP.

Also see, Federer at Grand slam Singles Main draw.
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