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Peter Lundgren

1996 - Lundgren took over Larry Stefanki as the coach for Marcelo Rios, who's game Federer very much admired. [Link]

1997 - Federer and Lundgren first met

November 2000 - Lundgren became Federer's coach

When Peter Carter didn't want to travel with him, they both thought that Lundgren would be a good coach for Federer.

By Lundgren's own admission, his seven-year partnership with Federer had
become routine and, while he was initially shaken by the player's decision
to end it, he fully understands it. "This is what happens with the kind of
relationship we had, we were so close," he said. "We did everything
together. We ate together, we went out together, we even played PlayStation
together. Now it's good for him to carry on with something else and I'm
happy to be doing something else."

An indepth interview with Roger on Peter Lundgren

Another interview

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