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Reto Staubli, a former swiss top ten, travels frequently with Roger Federer on the road. He is an excellent hitting partner and a childhood interclub friend from the Swiss leagues.

Roger describes him in his own words:
"It's great fun, and obviously I'm also benefiting from training with such experienced players." Those were my words eight years ago in response to a question from a journalist from the Basler Zeitung the first time I got to play an NLA (Swiss national league) match for the top team at my tennis club, "Old Boys" in Basel.

I thoroughly enjoyed getting to play with big names such as Vaclav Roubicek, Patrick Mohr, Sandro della Piana and Reto Staubli.

Reto Staubli? Would that be the Reto Staubli who has been accompanying you to various tournaments - most recently Wimbledon - as your sparring partner, I hear you ask? The very same! We've been good friends ever since those interclub days.

Even then, Reto was supremely composed and in control. As number four in the team, his were one of the safest pairs of hands in terms of delivering the points. That was to be the year that we won the championship.
Source: Federer's Newsletter

More about his first club, OldBoys
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