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Roger Federer in 2005

Biggest question right now in the minds of federer fans (or any curious tennis fan) is,
Will 2005 bring federer the revered grand slam?
Ever since he won 3 out of the 4 grand slams in '04, it has become an inevitable question. Here's a look back in the history of the champions who won 3 or more...

Australian OpenFrench OpenWimbledonUS Open
Rod Laver1969WWWW

Jimmy Connors1974W-WW

Mats Wilander1988WWQFW

Roger Federer2004W3rWW


Unfortunately, none of them has won a grand slam after their stellar year. Let's see what '05 might bring to Roger Federer. Anyways, we atleast know, he's up against history to buck this trend. Go Roger !!!

Now that he gone down bravely against M. Safin in a five-setter, all the pressure of completing of a grand slam is over. This should considerably ease-up the public expectations, to allow Federer to play his natural game. He has already won 2 titles [Doha, Rotterdam]. A fine start, i would say. Won't you agree?

Wow. After going down against Rafa, federer worked his magic for a tripeat at Wimby!!

Roger wooed his magic to beat Andre Agassi at the Final. Wow.
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