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An extract from Wikipedia.
The first championships at Wimbledon, in London were played in 1877. The U.S. National Men's Singles Championship, now the U.S. Open, was first held in 1881 at Newport, Rhode Island.

In 1926, a group of American tennis players established a professional tennis circuit, playing exhibition matches to paying audiences. For 40 years professional and amateur tennis remained strictly separate. In 1968 however, commercial pressures led to the abandonment of this distinction, inaugurating the Open era, in which all players could compete in all tournaments, and top players made their living from tennis.

Thus Wimbledon, the U.S. Open, the French Open (since 1891) and the Australian Open (dating to 1905) became and have remained the most prestigious events in tennis. Together these four events are called the Grand Slam (a term borrowed from bridge).

Winning the Grand Slam, by capturing these four titles in one calendar year, is the highest ambition of most tennis players.

Also, a handy-dandy list of the Champions of all-time.

Pre-Open Era Champions

Year Australian OpenFrench OpenWimbledonUS Open
1877--Spencer Gore-
1878--Frank Hadlow-
1879--John Hartley-
1880--John Hartley-
1881--William RenshawRichard Sears
1882--William RenshawRichard Sears
1883--William RenshawRichard Sears
1884--William RenshawRichard Sears
1885--William RenshawRichard Sears
1886--William RenshawRichard Sears
1887--Herbert LawfordRichard Sears
1888--Ernest RenshawHenry Slocum Jr
1889--William RenshawHenry Slocum Jr
1890--Willoughby HamiltonOliver Campbell
1891--Wilfred BaddeleyOliver Campbell
1892--Wilfred BaddeleyOliver Campbell
1893--Joshua PimRobert Wrenn
1894--Joshua PimRobert Wrenn
1895--Wilfred BaddeleyFred Hovey
1896--Harold MahoneyRobert Wrenn
1897--Reginald DohertyRobert Wrenn
1898--Reginald DohertyMalcolm Whitman
1899--Reginald DohertyMalcolm Whitman
1900--Reginald DohertyMalcolm Whitman
1901--Arthur GoreWilliam Larned
1902--Lawrence DohertyWilliam Larned
1903--Lawrence DohertyLawrence Doherty
1904--Lawrence DohertyHolcombe Ward
1905Rodney Heath-Lawrence DohertyBeals Wright
1906Anthony Wilding-Lawrence DohertyWilliam Clothier
1907Horace Rice-Norman BrookesWilliam Larned
1908Fred Alexander-Arthur GoreWilliam Larned
1909Anthony Wilding-Arthur GoreWilliam Larned
1910Rodney Heath-Anthony WildingWilliam Larned
1911Norman Brookes-Anthony WildingWilliam Larned
1912Cecil Parke-Anthony WildingMaurice McLoughlin
1913E F Parker-Anthony WildingMaurice McLoughlin
1914Pat O'Hara Wood-Norman BrookesNorris Williams
1915Francis Lowe--Bill Johnston
1916---Norris Williams
1917---Lindley Murray
1918---Lindley Murray
1919A R F Kingscote-Gerald PattersonBill Johnston
1920Pat O'Hara Wood-Bill TildenBill Tilden
1921Rhys Gemmell-Bill TildenBill Tilden
1922James Anderson-Gerald PattersonBill Tilden
1923Pat O'Hara Wood-Bill JohnstonBill Tilden
1924James Anderson-Jean BorotraBill Tilden
1925James AndersonRené LacosteRené LacosteBill Tilden
1926John HawkesHenri CochetJean BorotraRené Lacoste
1927Gerald PattersonRené LacosteHenri CochetRené Lacoste
1928Jean BorotraHenri CochetRené LacosteHenri Cochet
1929John GregoryRené LacosteHenri CochetBill Tilden
1930Gar MoonHenri CochetBill TildenJohn Doeg
1931Jack CrawfordJean BorotraSid WoodEllsworth Vines
1932Jack CrawfordHenri CochetEllsworth VinesEllsworth Vines
1933Jack CrawfordJack CrawfordJack CrawfordFred Perry
1934Fred PerryGottfried von CrammFred PerryFred Perry
1935Jack CrawfordFred PerryFred PerryWilmer Allison
1936Adrian QuistGottfried von CrammFred PerryFred Perry
1937V B McGrathHenner HenkelDon BudgeDon Budge
1938Don BudgeDon BudgeDon BudgeDon Budge
1939John BromwichDonald McNeilBobby RiggsBobby Riggs
1940Adrian Quist--Donald McNeil
1941---Bobby Riggs
1942---Ted Schroeder
1943---Joe Hunt
1944---Frank Parker
1945---Frank Parker
1946John BromwichMarcel BernardYvon PetraJack Kramer
1947Dinny PailsJozsef AsbothJack KramerJack Kramer
1948Adrian QuistFrank ParkerBob FalkenburgPancho Gonzales
1949Frank SedgmanFrank ParkerTed SchroederPancho Gonzales
1950Frank SedgmanBudge PattyBudge PattyArt Larsen
1951Dick SavittJaroslav DrobnyDick SavittFrank Sedgman
1952Ken McGregorJaroslav DrobnyFrank SedgmanFrank Sedgman
1953Ken RosewallKen RosewallVic SeixasTony Trabert
1954Mervyn RoseTony TrabertJaroslav DrobnyVic Seixas
1955Ken RosewallTony TrabertTony TrabertTony Trabert
1956Lew HoadLew HoadLew HoadKen Rosewall
1957Ashley CooperSven DavidsonLew HoadMal Anderson
1958Ashley CooperMervyn RoseAshley CooperAshley Cooper
1959Alex OlmedoNicola PietrangeliAlex OlmedoNeale Fraser
1960Rod LaverNicola PietrangeliNeale FraserNeale Fraser
1961Roy EmersonManuel SantanaRod LaverRoy Emerson
1962Rod LaverRod LaverRod LaverRod Laver
1963Roy EmersonRoy EmersonChuck McKinleyRafael Osuna
1964Roy EmersonManuel SantanaRoy EmersonRoy Emerson
1965Roy EmersonFred StolleRoy EmersonManuel Santana
1966Roy EmersonTony RocheManuel SantanaFred Stolle
1967Roy EmersonRoy EmersonJohn NewcombeJohn Newcombe

Open Era Champions

Year Australian OpenFrench OpenWimbledonUS Open
1968Bill BowreyKen RosewallRod LaverArthur Ashe
1969Rod LaverRod LaverRod LaverRod Laver
1970Arthur AsheJan KodesJohn NewcombeKen Rosewall
1971Ken RosewallJan KodesJohn NewcombeStan Smith
1972Ken RosewallAndrés GimenoStan SmithIlie Nastase
1973John NewcombeIlie NastaseJan KodesJohn Newcombe
1974Jimmy ConnorsBjörn BorgJimmy ConnorsJimmy Connors
1975John NewcombeBjörn BorgArthur AsheManuel Orantes
1976Mark EdmondsonAdriano PanattaBjörn BorgJimmy Connors
1977Roscoe TannerGuillermo VilasBjörn BorgGuillermo Vilas
Vitas Gerulaitis

1978Guillermo VilasBjörn BorgBjörn BorgJimmy Connors
1979Guillermo VilasBjörn BorgBjörn BorgJohn McEnroe
1980Brian TeacherBjörn BorgBjörn BorgJohn McEnroe
1981Johan KriekBjörn BorgJohn McEnroeJohn McEnroe
1982Johan KriekMats WilanderJimmy ConnorsJimmy Connors
1983Mats WilanderYannick NoahJohn McEnroeJimmy Connors
1984Mats WilanderIvan LendlJohn McEnroeJohn McEnroe
1985Stefan EdbergMats WilanderBoris BeckerIvan Lendl
1986-Ivan LendlBoris BeckerIvan Lendl
1987Stefan EdbergIvan LendlPat CashIvan Lendl
1988Mats WilanderMats WilanderStefan EdbergMats Wilander
1989Ivan LendlMichael ChangBoris BeckerBoris Becker
1990Ivan LendlAndrés GómezStefan EdbergPete Sampras
1991Boris BeckerJim CourierMichael StichStefan Edberg
1992Jim CourierJim CourierAndre AgassiStefan Edberg
1993Jim CourierSergi BrugueraPete SamprasPete Sampras
1994Pete SamprasSergi BrugueraPete SamprasAndre Agassi
1995Andre AgassiThomas MusterPete SamprasPete Sampras
1996Boris BeckerYevgeny KafelnikovRichard KrajicekPete Sampras
1997Pete SamprasGustavo KuertenPete SamprasPatrick Rafter
1998Petr KordaCarlos MoyaPete SamprasPatrick Rafter
1999Yevgeny KafelnikovAndre AgassiPete SamprasAndre Agassi
2000Andre AgassiGustavo KuertenPete SamprasMarat Safin
2001Andre AgassiGustavo KuertenGoran IvanisevicLleyton Hewitt
2002Thomas JohanssonAlbert CostaLleyton HewittPete Sampras
2003Andre AgassiJuan Carlos FerreroRoger FedererAndy Roddick
2004Roger FedererGastón GaudioRoger FedererRoger Federer
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