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There are several fansites on the web for Roger. Below are a few of my favorites. My criterion were: frequently updated, easy to read, not too many ads. Hope you like them too !

Roger Federer profile at Tennis Server - Great articles on Roger New!

Go Roger - Excellent site, one of the best out there
Roger - one and only- Nice picture website from Silvy (fightclubber), a great fan
Roger Federer Fanclub - Swiss based fanclub for Roger
Man with Golden Racquet - A fanlisting

Earlier websites with older info
Federer Express - One of the earlier sites for roger
Federerfan - Nice pictures from 2000

Pro Tennis Fan - Updated blog on tennis players
Federer Express Blog - A popular blog on roger
The Fed-X-Press - New blog with frequent updates

Commercial sites
Tennis Rulz website - Updated frequently, many ads though ;)

Other Languages
Czech - Federer
Dutch -
French - Rodgeur Blog - Rogerfederer1981
Persian - ARA's Federer
Russian - Federerfan

Upcoming Players
Novak Djokovic - [Official]

Interesting Tennis Columns
Nina's Tennis Diary

More quality websites on Roger at Federer Bookmarks.
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Roger's Early Days
Federer & Mirka Together
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All about the swiss tennis super-star Roger Federer, an amazing person who shines beyond tennis. Get the latest word about the magic he does with his strings.

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