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How to Save Streaming Videos?

You come across a nice video. But, alas it is a streaming video and hence cannot be saved to your hard disk. However there are certain techniques to save the video clip in a single file.

NOTE: Saving streaming video/audio is not legal for distribution. The reasoning behind the publishers releasing streaming videos (i.e. a big file in several small parts) is for faster viewing in the video player as well as to prevent distribution. So, if you download it, save it for your own personal archival use and not for distribution else where. As usual, use it at your own risk. That said, enjoy!

Real Media Format:
It is difficult to save a streaming file from Real Media format, however it is not impossible:

Step 1: Save the http link of the video clip to your desktop. [Right Click -> Save As]
Step 2: Open the .rm file on Notepad. [Right Click -> Open With -> Notepad]
Step 3: It is a text file that will look like this:


Step 4: Copy the rtsp:// link
Step 5: Open your downloader and save the rtstp file. (rtsp files wont save in any browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox etc)
Step 6: If you don't have a free downloader, I recommend Net Transport. The newest version is not free but, we can download the older, completely-free version from here. Other downloaders that can download rtsp are trial-based software that expires after 30 days [like HiDownload, CoC's Stream Down].
Step 7: Once you install the Net Transport, click on NEW and paste the rtsp:// you want to download and it will download it to your C:\ .

Windows Media Format:
The above logic applies, except that the URL in the video clip (eg. http://) has to be replaced with mms:// and then download it. It quite likely would work on many scenarios. If it fails, see the long answer.

Long Answer:
See It has a lot of information on saving streaming files from a wide variety of sources/formats, along with nice detailed descriptions.
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